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Lowering health care costs

Whether you are a patient seeking care, a business funding health insurance for employees or a family trying to make ends meet, like us, you are worried about increasing health care costs. In fact, we spend $2.5 trillion on health care annually in the United States, triple what we spent 20 years ago.

As health reform legislation continues to change the very roots of how hospitals and physicians support their patients, UMass Memorial Health Care is working hard to remain focused on our mission and role in Central New England, providing the right care, at the right time, at the right place.

Most importantly, UMass Memorial recognizes that we are in a position to help impact the shifting health care landscape. We know we must become more affordable - for both patients and employers. And we must do this without sacrificing quality of care.
Sale of Outreach Lab Business
At the close of business October 16, UMass Memorial Medical Center signed an agreement to sell its outreach laboratory business to Quest Diagnostics, a world leader in diagnostic testing, information and services. Because of its scale, Quest Diagnostics can provide these services in a more affordable manner and maintain the same level of quality and commitment to the customers and patients we serve. Read the press release and our message to the community.

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The Changing Health Care Landscape


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